Urgent ship replacement parts

Spain has been one of the strongest connections for STERAC since its infancy. Why is that? What is it that differentiates us from the others? And what can we do that others cannot do to the same level of quality?

Let us first begin, above all else, with our outstanding staff. Many would like to say of themselves, but we believe it to be true of us – STERAC has the best logistics team for Spain in the north. This has been verified again and again in our customer satisfaction analyses. This can be best described using an example from practice. 

A typically routine transport operation to Spain is the shipment of urgent ship replacement parts from Germany to Spanish ports such as, for example, Algeciras, Bilbao or Valencia. As a rule these parts are delivered to a shipping agent beforehand with whom STERAC enjoys an outstanding business relationship. In one instance the shipping route was changed from the destination port of Bilbao at short notice, where the parts had already been delivered, to the new destination port of Valencia, which is located approximately 1,050 km from Bilbao. In addition, in contrast to the original information the ship was now expected to arrive significantly earlier and a new delivery from Germany would not have been possible unless it was done by aircraft. 

This is where we benefited from our excellent connections to our exclusive companies . Through direct communication by our native speakers, who are available 24 hours a day, with local agents and the business owner, we were able to collect the parts at short notice with a two-man team vehicle and bring them to the destination port. In this instance a weekend delivery was also required, which hardly bears worrying about given the cost of a waiting ship. With our automatic status update (also possible via EDI directly into the customer system) the sender in Germany received the message he had been waiting for in time for the start of work on Monday: ALL DONE! This takes service to the next level. Anybody can transport from A to B.

These are, of course, particularly challenging circumstances. In summary the recipe for success in freight forwarding to and from Spain in our view is the combination of maximum service and efficient freight forwarding.

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