Transports to Great Britain and the Channel Islands

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Transports to Great Britain and the Channel Islands

England has been STERAC’s racetrack from the beginning. We offer daily transports to Great Britain and Ireland, whether it be full cargo, partial cargo or consolidated cargo. The goods arrive on site within few days. This applies to the mainland as well as the corresponding Channel Islands, which are also under the responsibility of our Great Britain team for Great Britain transports.

Jersey, like the other Channel Islands, is neither a part of the United Kingdom nor a crown colony, but a British Crown dependency.  The Channel Islands are therefore separate legal entities and not part of the European Union (EU), but they are treated as part of the EU in terms of trade and customs matters. However, Jersey does not form part of the European tax jurisdiction for excise duty and value-added taxes, which is why the import turnover tax has to be paid at customs when importing goods from Jersey into the EU.

Case study

This particular case involved the delivery of live plants to the Channel Island of Jersey with a fixed delivery date. We transported a full load from Northern Germany to Jersey and – considering the characteristics of the Channel Islands and the associated tax law – took over and handled customs clearance for the customer as well.

STERAC prepared the customs documents and passed them on to the customs office in Oldenburg for clearance. The consignment was then duty paid and transported to the port of shipment in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and from there to Felixstowe (Great Britain) by ferry. The delivery was then transported by truck across the British mainland to Portsmouth.

After arrival at Portsmouth Harbour, the journey to Jersey continued by ferry. What’s special about Jersey is that trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 40 tons are not allowed to operate there (except with a special operating permit) so that the freight had to be reloaded to small vehicles at the port. This reloading had to be planned by the Great Britain division as well. There is also a ferry connection to Jersey via France, but as we had to deliver the goods to the island on a certain fixed date, the dispatchers chose the route via Great Britain. Another difficulty was to keep the transit time as short as possible due to the fact that live plants had been loaded. It took us only 4 days from loading point to delivery, including two ferry trips. The recipient received the plants on time and in sound condition.

STERAC’s Great Britain dispatchers and the customs department worked hand in hand and made smooth operation possible. The consignment was delivered on time and undamaged.

„At a glance“

  • Consignment sizes: partial cargo, full cargo and consolidated cargo
  • Several departures each day
  • Various goods, e.g. hazardous goods, excessive lengths or high value goods, can be quicklydelivered without any restrictions
  • Up to 28,999 kg maximum load in combined transport (whole STERAC fleet)
  • Ongoing communication with all participants – customer, driver and recipient; if necessary even through data exchange
  • Native speaker ensure excellent communication
  • Entire transport with GPS tracking
  • Notification/registration service
  • 24-hour availability due to emergency numbers
  • Theft protection for transports to England and Ireland as all STERAC trailers are equipped with anti-curtain slashing as standard

About the author

Name: Philipp Sanftleben
Position: Division Manager Great Britain/Ireland
With the company: since 2003
Expert in: Great Britain and Ireland transports
Tel: +49 40 737 500 - 100

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