Hanging garments

What is it that makes STERAC’s transport services to and from Portugal so special? Why do we highlight Portugal as an example delivery destination? And why should you as a customer place your trust in us?

These are questions we would like to answer using a case study concerning the round-trip transport of hanging garments. What was it that made this type of transport so challenging? Portugal is known historically for its textile production. A renowned manufacturer of garment textiles procures textile goods in Portugal from a total of 12 different manufacturers, which are to be shipped as hanging garments to the central warehouse in the south of Hamburg. In this logistics centre different merchandise streams from Portugal, Turkey and the Far East are picked for European distribution. STERAC took charge of, among other things, the organisation of production supply from Portugal. In doing so, the highest level of process security, information flow and cargo space quality was required. The loading of high-value goods also required route monitoring using GPS. If delays occur it is essential that a team member is fluent in Portuguese, something that is ensured by our native speakers. We communicate directly with the manufacturers in Portugal and act as an interface between production, the logistics centre and the final recipient through distribution within our Europe-wide logistics network

This is something we also safeguard on a weekly basis for the factory traffic of our customer from the wind energy industry. Our daily departure frequency plays an important role in Portugal exports. What kind of costs would be incurred if supply were stopped? What would this mean for the entire supply chain? 24 hour availability for our customers is always guaranteed both here and for project-based business. We are well aware of just what can depend on meeting delivery dates – for our customers, for the recipients, and in terms of cost. This makes us the ideal logistics partner for anything off the beaten track of standard transport from A to B. And this is something that you, of course, shall also have. Efficiency in freight forwarding is a matter of course for us.

Our comprehensive knowledge of goods and merchandise means that we know what we are talking about. Thanks to us, goods have been delivered reliably to their destinations from almost all production areas. Temperature controlled general cargo? Not a problem for us. Shorter time frame without increasing the cost of transport? Guaranteed by our Euro pallet service. And what happens if there is a shortage of cargo space? We counteract this with our exclusive cargo space contracts with our fixed subcontractors. Security by way of delivery date and planning compliance, professionalism when something does not go as planned: This is what our customers stand to gain. You benefit from our proactive information policy. We guarantee this across Europe! You can rely on us.

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