Multi-modal shipping

What are the characteristics of good freight forwarding to and from Italy? What do our customers expect from your deliveries to “bella Italia”? And what makes us the ideal partner for transportation to and from Italy?

Our expertise in this transport region are clearly attributable to the use of multi-modal shipping to the city of Busto Arsizio near Milan. A customer of STERAC needed to send material to Italy on a Friday afternoon at short notice, to counter the threat of production downtime which would occur if the shipment were not to arrive there on Monday at a fixed time. The specific challenge in this case was that the shipment was not allowed to be dispatched as an express shipment, due to the fact that production downtime was the responsibility of our customer. The costs of an express delivery would have thus been borne in full by him, which had to be prevented. It was precisely here that we were able to utilise our particular flexibility. As we have a number of rail-compatible trailers at our disposal and these were only able to be loaded as rail freight at the Billwerder inter-modal terminal in the evening at the earliest, delivery by Monday with minimal extra costs would only then be possible. This then required changing the scheduling of several consolidated cargo trailers. The sheer volume of transport to and from Italy and the associated daily departure frequency make such a change possible. This is a strong competitive advantage for our customers. They do not have to depend on “catching” one of 3 departure days. This method allows us to combine efficiency with the speed of transport and flexibility to the advantage of our customers. These logistics operations to and from Italy can make the difference in an increasingly sophisticated competition between collaborating national economies.

In this specific case the customer was able to save on cost, the recipient was satisfied and even Green Logistics did its part with the use of environmentally-friendly modes of transport which enabled a massive reduction in CO² emissions. It is so much more elegant to cover the greater part of the journey across the Alps by rail, instead of ruining the environment, the beautiful Alpine region and the streets with heavy goods vehicle traffic. Protecting the environment is guaranteed by the simple fact that we are permitted to load up to 28 tonnes using inter-modal transport, in comparison to 24 tonnes for road transport only. This is our claim to high-quality transport and logistics services for Italy: thinking, communicating and acting in the interest of the customer. You will discover that our employees are more than just motivated, they desperately want to give you the best service possible.

We are also the right point of contact for import shipments from Italy to Germany. Together with our strong local partner we can offer regular import transportation services from across Italy to Germany. Whether it be wine, foodstuff, industrial goods or other typical products from Italy – we will always find the best solution for your logistics needs. You can rely on us! We are the ideal partner for logistics to and from Italy.

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