Bulgaria / Romania

Bulgaria / Romania

Hazardous goods ... transported hazard-free.

What has to be considered when transporting hazardous goods to the Balkan region? What is expected of professionals for these countries? And how does STERAC position itself in comparison to the competition?

STERAC is the freight forwarder of choice for a renowned paint and lacquer company with its headquarters in Hamburg. This company regularly ships hazardous materials to Bulgaria and Romania. The handling of hazardous goods requires particular care in terms of loading, transport and security. For example, class 3 hazardous goods (flammable) with the UN number 1263 are naturally subject to a prohibition of mixed loading with foodstuff and foodstuff additives. These shipments have to be loaded within the greater Hamburg area, and unloading is done in Varna, Bulgaria. The large partial shipments are taken directly by the primary transport vehicle. Due to our outstanding subcontractors who are regularly inspected and audited through our IMS (integrated management system) there is always sufficient load securing material available, and the high quality standards set by STERAC can also be upheld for shipments in the direction of south east Europe. We guarantee the customer that vehicles reserved by us pass all checks and are regularly inspected. Thanks to our in-house experts we are able to provide a constant flow of information on the progress of the shipment. You will be told about delays or barriers to delivery not by your customers, but by us, your service provider. An IT connection is also in place with our partners: This means we are not only able to monitor the trucks, we also receive delivery notes in real time a few minutes after unloading.

Over time we have therefore been able to hone our expertise in the transport of hazardous goods over land. Many different types of material in classes 2-6, as well as 8 and 9 can be shipped by us. The only exceptions are explosive materials and radioactive substances. The associated rules and regulations concerning load securing and the prohibition of mixed loading are something we know inside out. Our Hazardous Materials Officer also plays a decisive role here. 

The shipments to Romania are destined for Constanta. These shipments mean just the same challenges as those faced for Varna. Romania and Bulgaria are thus some of the most thriving areas of our product families. Regardless of the load you need transporting we are the perfect service partner for shipments to the Balkan region.

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