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What makes STERAC so strong when it comes to transport to and from the Baltics? What kind of expertise have we developed with thousands of transport operations? And where do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

We'd like to highlight this using the example of a shipment for a renowned stainless steel processing business in the Hamburg region. The over land transport originally planned was due to be dispatched on a Friday with an arrival in Jelgava, Latvia on the following Monday, which in itself is a fairly standard freight forwarding service. The shipment was destined for a construction site and scheduled as a just-in-time delivery in the project. On Friday afternoon the customer sent us the surprising news that the shipment would be needed earlier. The existing material on the construction site had already been used up due to mistakes made during construction, and the threat of downtime was looming. What had to be done? How could we help the customer and prevent the threat of such a scenario without using standard procedure? 

The goods had to be loaded immediately. Our dispatcher got in touch straight away with the truck driver who had been scheduled for loading the goods. The drop sequence was changed at short notice. The result – we executed a weekend delivery. This took some doing. The construction team wanted to remain constantly informed about the progress of the shipment, in order to be able to at least send the workers home if need be. This meant that 24/7 communication was necessary which our Eastern European logistics experts were able to ensure using mobile telephones. In close coordination with the site manager in Latvia and our dispatch team for the Baltics, the construction logistics operation was brought to a successful conclusion. Construction was able to continue seamlessly on Sunday – thanks to the planning and flexibility of STERAC. The subsequent costs to the customer would have otherwise been enormous. Evidence of just how it can pay to work with logistics experts for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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