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What does a freight forwarder need in order to guarantee the highest level of quality when it comes to transport and logistics in Eastern Europe? What are the typical barriers? When is it prudent to consider not just the price but also the level of expertise?

We can demonstrate this using the example of a fixed date loading schedule of a renowned manufacturer for laboratory diagnostic equipment and automation. The medical products had to be delivered in time exactly to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. It goes without saying that the highest hygienic requirements applied to the entire supply chain. The product was urgently required by the recipient due to the breakdown of an analysis system, and had to be delivered to the point of destination without delay. 

The handling at our own warehouse naturally had to comply with such high hygiene requirements as did transport. Our comprehensive certification proved to be very helpful in this regard, e.g. ISO 22000 for foodstuff including the HACCP concept (please see screenshot). The latter concerns a hazard analysis of Critical Control Points in order to implement preventative measures intended, for example, to prevent contamination from taking place. This benefited the transport of pharmaceutical products just as much as it does foodstuff.

The collection was organised using our own local transport on the same day in the run-up. Handling in our warehouse was done using the cross docking procedure. The primary truck was only waiting for this shipment: a level of flexibility that can only be guaranteed by a company that is a professional in the transport region, and who has direct control of the vehicle. The truck left punctually on Monday from our facilities and arrived on time at the central warehouse in SK approximately 48 hours later. The customer had a significant need for information as to whether this load would reach its destination on time. This also meant no problem for us, we remained in constant contact with the driver and information on the progress of transport was proactively passed on to the customer. Our native speakers were also a real benefit for our customer as there were no complicated communication channels via other partners abroad. The goods were then transported directly after unloading to the hospital. 

A similar delivery was then made two days later to the neighbouring country of the Czech Republic. In this case, the transport of medical products was even more urgent. The customer had considered air transportation before finally deciding on the STERAC Express Service. The result: 24 hours later the goods had arrived as agreed in Brno and were able to be put to use.


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