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Why can it be beneficial to not leave shipments to Poland “ex works” in the hands of the recipient? How do standard Eastern European freight forwarding and experts in Poland logistics differ from one another? And what is it that makes STERAC shipments to Poland so efficient?

We want to describe this using the example of a shipment to a luxury retail shopping arcade situated in a pedestrian zone in the middle of Warsaw. A renowned manufacturer of fashion jewellery was fitting out a new shop for its customers. A team was waiting on site for the shop building components so desperately needed for construction. 

STERAC coordinated with the customer to plan the just-in-time acceptance of the goods. There was just a single ramp available for loading the vehicle, which can lead to a serious time delay if several vehicles are due to arrive on site for simultaneous loading. For this reason it can be a prudent choice to only use one logistics service provider for transport to Poland. By reducing ramp contact the planning of material and finished goods streams in production improves, this then lowers process costs on the whole which is an advantage not to be underestimated for the transport providers. The shipping agent is also responsible for the driving condition of the vehicle being loaded. By dispatching a vehicle which does not meet the minimum requirements and which is subsequently involved in an accident, the shipping agent shall bear responsibility and therefore liability! This risk is omitted with STERAC as we only work with verified businesses and, if the situation requires, can provide new cargo space at short noticeContinuous proactive feedback is required in both directions in order to ensure the seamless execution of transport operations – to our customers and to the recipient. In doing so we place particular value on interpersonal contact with our customers. The result: Fast and flawless loading, clear communication with the recipient with regard to the delivery time frame in Warsaw as per the notification service through our Polish native speaker and a delivery to the destination which is right on time. This delivery could not, however, be done with the 40 ton primary vehicle per direct drop, which the customer was not aware of. The goods had to be reloaded on to a vehicle that had a lifting platform, in order to be able to deliver directly on site. Had we not informed the customer of this, unnecessary extra costs would have been incurred. This was prevented at an early stage thanks to our knowledge of the area and our logistics expertise. At 08:00 precisely the goods reached their destination as promised. Last but not least our logistics partners on site ensured that there was no stoppage in material for the installation of the shop fittings. The initial supply of sales goods also had to be executed quickly. These goods had already been in holding beforehand in our own warehouse, and were sent just-in-sequence from Germany just before completion with a two-man team. The pre-transportation haulage was handled by our own local traffic, in order to prevent any time loss from the start. The total project behind the store opening was able to be executed as planned.

In summary: A just-in-time delivery to Warsaw city centre is one of the most challenging logistics services that can be undertaken as part of freight forwarding to Poland. At the same time, the case study described here is just one example of the possibilities STERAC has to offer for logistics to and from Poland. Regardless of whether it concerns production procurement or disposal, the delivery of hazardous goods or express transport to Poland – STERAC is the right partner for you.

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